Thursday, February 10, 2011

What You Missed--Aaron Boyd and Wade Rouse Pictures

We had a wonderful event with Aaron Boyd on Saturday, thirty plus people (admittedly all Aaron fans, and how could you not be?) who got a multi-media sampling of Panda's Valentine's Day and his other works. We even got to see a sneak peak at a beautiful pop-up book that was produced as a corporate holiday gift in 2010. Apparently there's talk of selling the rights to a commercial publisher. Very exciting.

And look, we're using our projector again!

And Tuesday, it turned out that Wade Rouse's appearance (accompanied, of course, by his partner Gary) for It's All Relative was the kind of event where you must say "hilarity ensued." Really, there aren't many events where you can say that. One of the highlights was the holiday gift basket that was a fabulous drawing prize. The winner was picked by Barbie, if you can believe it. If you just hold her legs in the right position, she can do it. Apparently she can also double as oven mitts, but only if you keep the oven below 200˚F.

Tomorrow is our Chris Bohjalian lunch, Peter Hessler in the store, and Cesar Millan at the Riverside. Sunday is the Iron Cupcake Pro/Am at the Kern Center of MSOE. This event is probably going to sell out, so if you don't have tickets, I'd get there at 10 am.

More events on our calendar.

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