Friday, February 11, 2011

Improvement Suggested by Customer, Policy Change Wanted by Customers

First the change suggested by a customer. For some reason, our receipt did not have our phone number and website. Much thanks to the customer who brought this to our attention. It has been fixed.

Secondly, we've changed our expiration date on five dollar reward coupons. Previously good for 60 days, they are now active for three months. I think it's been our policy that's most vexing to customers, and it's something we needed to fix. The day-to-month change makes it easier to calculate when the coupon expires.

Note, this policy change is retroactive, so if you have a coupon from before December 10th, you've got up to a month more to use it.

Another slight change is that the coupon is now good the same day for an additional purchase. That means we won't void a sale to re-ring a purchase with a coupon, but you can make an additional purchase with a coupon without having to come back the next day.


Thanks to Carl for reminding me that our previous sweeper was named My Precious. Using the fine tradition of naming yachts, our new sweeper is My Precious II.

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