Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Constant Contact Seemingly Overwhelmed by All Those Emails Notifying Event Cancellations and Store Closures.

Alas, we've had an email in the queue for two hours, letting folks know about the change in our store hours, in view of the storm. We've posted it on our website, but I'd been waiting for it to go out as an email before posting on Facebook. It seems that this may happen sometime at 2 in the morning. So here's another reminder:

Today (Tuesday, February 1st)--we're closing at 4 pm.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, February 2nd)--we're opening at 11 am and closing at 7 pm.

Super Bowl Sunday--we're closing at 4 pm.

As of now, our event with Jennifer Homans, author of Apollo's Angels, along with the Milwaukee Ballet, is still on for Thursday, February 3rd. And our event with Paul Harding, author of Tinkers, is definitely still on as it's not until February 17th. But it has a snowy cover and seemed appropriate.

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