Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Gift Post--Spring is Coming...Eventually

It's February and we're going out of our gourd with snow. We hosted Lorraine Massey (The Curly Girl Handbook) to a nice crowd, only it could have been nicer if a few inches hadn't fallen last night, with showers continuing for much of today. Our co-sponsorship with Studio D'Angeli went very well, though they had to leave early for...appointments, of course! Lots of demo-ing and a nice handout of Devacurl product. Not shampoo, mind you. Don't put poo in your hair. That's my takeaway.

So I decided it was time for our "spring is coming display" only this year, instead of a calendar as our sign motif, I created a field of whiteness, framed by a tiny butterfly and a plant sprig. Stacie emailed me and said, "Are we missing something?" and I replied, it's supposed to be snow. It's hard to figure out on your own, but any time we tell someone, he or she laughs.

To put us in the mood, I brought back last year's popular flower push toys, as well as some butterfly-motif items, a metal box with a jeweled top, and a larger wooden box with a nice metal clasp and a decoupage butterfly top. In addition, we have these nice butterfly ceramic bowls, which work well either for storage or for plant budding. Not for food! Didn't know that when I bought them, but that's ok, as there are plenty of other uses.

Beverly told me that just looking at the butterflies makes her feel better about the end of winter. And since we always have some birds (Jocelyn noted that birds are our's a retail thing), we brought in these nice little ceramic birds. I'll show you those another day!

So anyway, down it comes. It's hard enough to get folks from the restaurants to the store on a nice evening (easier at brunch, don't ask why) but on a night like tonight, Via and Hollander will be packed and we will be empy. Have some pity on our booksellers closing tonight (and me, and me) and visit. Was that too beggy?

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