Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Borders Bankruptcy File--We Help Out and Pick Up Sarah Blake's Event for The Postmistress for Next Wednesday, 2/23

It's the news we've been expecting for some time. Borders declared chapter 11, and announced the closing of 200 stores, including all three in the Milwaukee area. Since it happened, news orgs have been calling to get our local spin on the story.

Honestly, I'm not rubbing my hands with glee. I'm worried about the publishers that will be affected, especially the smaller ones that may not be able to recover, as well as the booksellers who will lose their jobs.

Even though there is a Borders store only a few miles away from us in downtown Milwaukee, I don't expect to pick up much of that business. Downtown traffic is a funny thing; it doesn't migrate to the next closest store, but seeps out through the rest of the metro area (and probably into the internet).

I think there's a little bit of business, to be sure, and probably a drop more from the Fox Point store. I'm hoping that more of that Fox Point Borders business will travel to our friends at Next Chapter.

One thing we did pick up was an event with Sarah Blake for her paperback tour of The Postmistress. This wonderful novel was a hit with booksellers and critics alike, including several Boswellians. Here's a rec from our ex-bookseller and still good friend, Rebecca:

"WWII offers limitless opportunities for good storytelling, and The Postmistress introduces us to both a new front -- a small town on Cape Cod, where tension is mounting on the eve of America's entry into the war -- and new voices. You won't soon forget Frankie Bard, radio gal!"

It pays to throw away nothing. Thanks, Rebecca! Are you coming?

So here's the scoop on our event:
Sarah Blake, author of The Postmistress
Wednesday, February 23, 7 pm
at Boswell
which, as you know, is at
2559 N Downer Ave.

and here's the rest of the tour!

Monday, February 21, 7 pm
Edina (Minneapolis)
Barnes and Noble
3225 W. 69th St.

Tuesday, February 22, 7 pm
Madison/Barnes and Noble
7433 Mineral Point Road

then us on 2/23 (see above!)

Thursday, February 24, Noon
Lunch at Mirani's, Winnetka
Sponsored by The Book Stall
727 Elm Street
Reservations required. Please call 847-446-8880

Thursday, February 24, 7 pm
The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square, Chicago
4736-38 North Lincoln Ave

Friday, February 25, 7 pm
Left Bank Books, St. Louis
399 N Euclid Ave (Central West End)

In March, the author visits Books and Books in Coral Gables and the Vero Beach Book Center. It's not too late to plan a getaway!

And for you folks in Milwaukee, you absolutely must attend one of the great book events going on next Wednesday. While Stacie is in the store with Blake, I'll be at the launch party for Lisa Paula and her book, Swimming in the Daylight: An American Student, a Soviet-Jewish Dissident, and the Gift of Hope at the Shorewood Public Library. That event begins at 6:30 pm. The library is of course at 3920 North Murray Avenue.

Next Chapter in Mequon has a great event as well, Roberta Gately's novel, Lipstick in Afghanistan (I'm linking you to more info, but if you go, buy it at the event, not from us!). It's the story of a humanitarian nurse in war-torn Afghanistan, who finds both tragedy and beauty in her new environment. Booklist called the book "utterly engrossing" and it seems a wonderful pick for book clubs. More on their website.

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