Thursday, February 17, 2011

A New Artist on Our Art Wall, a Boswellian No Less.

When I was making a list of artists whom I wanted featured on our art wall, I included Boswellian Pam Stilp, whose contributions as a bookseller and our school outreach person belie her talent as an artist.

A couple of weeks ago Pam I asked Pam to put up a collection of her paintings. As I was showing them to one of our customers, another woman looked up from working at one of our cafe tables and said, "That's Pam? I had no idea she was an artist." The exact quote gave a greater compliment to her talent, but silly me, forgetting to tape everything people say to me. I wasn't able to get it exactly right.

Pam paints both still lifes and landscapes, with her personality shining through particularly in the latter. I'm so happy to have her beautiful work on the walls of Boswell. Some in and take a look. These small photos don't do them justice.
That said, it reminds me that we have to do some repairs. Setting and resetting artwork really creates a lot of holes!

What else is going on art-wise for us? Well, we're working on a new tee shirt, for one thing, with Kristopher Pollard. I don't have a timeline, but I guess I either have to set one or reprint our classic tee in a new color. But what color should it be? I was of course intrigued by Bayberry showing up on key colors for both women and men for spring 2011, according to Pantone, but it strikes me that doing a tee in this color isn't going to fly with many guys. I wonder exactliy what the boys will be wearing in this shade of purplish red?

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barbara Agness said...

can we see the design? i like the orange color.