Thursday, February 3, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane--Jennifer Homans' Plane from L.A. Has Taken Off

Yes, our event with Jennifer Homans and the Milwaukee Ballet is still on for Apollo's Angels. I've just talked to Jynne, who told me that the plane took off. They start laying the floor this afternoon. I am so excited!

Roads are clear, buses are running (I took the 15 this morning), and yes there are parking spaces. Not quite as many, but the parking garage is open. My advice to you? Instead of coming at 6:57 (the event starts at 7 pm), leave yourself a little more time, 15-20 minutes, to find a spot.. Or come even earlier and have dinner at Hollander or Via first.

One last incentive. The Milwaukee Ballet will be discounting tickets to the Genesis International Choreographic Competition on February 10-13 for Boswell customers. Details at the event. Too anxious not to get your Genesis tickets right now? Here's the link.

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