Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Gift Post--Window Stickers, and Plip Clips and Presidential Plush and Celtic Boxes

Every day I go into the receiving room to find out if anything that I've ordered has come in. In my mind, we're so overwhelmed with stuff that I can't spend another dollar on gift items. But in actuality, it's not here.

When my orders are large enough, I'm able to stage shipments so that we're not paying for everything at once. But not I'm second-guessing myself and wondering why I didn't bring it all in now. I'm going to be off for the day and there will be sixty boxes waiting for me. This happened last September.

That said, the Plip Clips are restocked. They hold pencils, toothbrushes, and the like. We've sold through the last two times I ordered them. I also restocked our literary taxidemy, and we're generally still selling one plush famous person per day (which is good for us). We like putting them on seasonal displays--currently Obama and Lincoln are on our President's Day table, but the secret is they don't sell well that way. They only really sell together off the fixture.

On Friday, our new window stickers came in. We planned to decorate our front window with monkeys (of course), but that's the one we were shorted stock on. So we went with birdcages. We also have green leaves, planes, Paris icons (the company is French), and fishbowl.

I was expecting to have a cupcake table, but our sell through at Iron Cupcake Pro/Am was well near complete. Instead, we put our St. Patrick's Day table up early. We try to stay away from shamrock drinking glasses and go for the Celtic. I restocked the boxes we sold through last year, and found some new journals and boxed cards.

And who knows what will show up on Monday?

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