Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Yucky Presidents Day, and Paul McComas Event Day

No, we're not celebrating the yucky presidents. It's just a bit messy out there. The icy-sleety-snowy downfall has quieted down, however, and we should have a better day than yesterday.

And since we have such great events this week, it seemed important to get an email newsletter out to our bookish friends and customers. You can read it here.

Paul McComas called me from somewhere around Loyola, where the college's radio station interferes a bit with cell phone reception. Apparently this is well know down there. He'll be here tonight for the publication of Unforgettable: Harrowing Futures, Horrors, & (Dark) Humor. I linked to his piece in the email newsletter, and he was also on WUWM's "Lake Effect". To Lake Effect, Mr. McComas is grateful for a wonderful interview.

As to the other lake effect (snow), Mr. McComas is withholding judgment for now.

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