Friday, February 25, 2011

Our New Blank Book Spinner is Apparently Sized for Young Children, Plus Boyle Wrap-up.

So we put together the new Paperblanks spinner, and it was suspiciously low to the ground. It turns out that one of our plexy levels was inadvertently left off the order. And then we realized that the base with the wheels didn't show up either. The wheels were one of the main reasons I ordered the new spinner in the first place.

The missing pieces are on their way. And the other good thing is that even without the wheels, the display comes apart fairly easily to move. We moved a lot of fixturing for our event last night with T.C. Boyle for When the Killing's Done, and also learned how to dim the lights. It's not easy, but you can do it without shutting down our computers.

The event was wonderful, of course. Father Bruce's kids from Racine were there, as were a number of students from Homestead High School.

And next up? Lorraine Massey, Ms. Curly Girl herself, for The Curly Girl Handbook, co-sponsored by Downer Avenue's Studio D'Angeli. It's Saturday 2/26 at 2 pm.

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