Friday, April 2, 2010

Wooden Postcards Cause Unjustified Buyer's Remorse

So I'm poking through catalogs and come across these wooden postcards. One of my booksellers had seen them before and liked them; I had as well on a trip to visit my mom in Massachusetts.

They mail for regular postage!

We put together an order and send them out. In the meantime, I visit the store where I last saw them and they've marked them down.


Then they arrive and well, many of them are sort of warped. I contact my rep, who puts me in touch with them. They explain how the cards, being wood and all, will do this, though I'm the first person to complaion. She assures me that they are made to actually straighten a bit as they dry out.

My booksellers, well at least some of them who like the cards, assure me that they will do just fine. Stop worrying.

It's a month or so later and they were right. The cards are selling just fine. I like the pheasant best, and we're almost out of our first order. The designs have a retro quality, some pretty and others a little more fractured. They certainly get folks' attention.

So now I'm done with that and ready to panic about something else. Where are my tyvek wallets?

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