Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not Enough USB Ports? That's a Job for My Other Mouse

My new laptop has 3 ports. Great! The problem is that I need a connection for our printer, one for my inventory system, one for photos, and one for my memory stick.

Fortunately I had bought the solution to sell at our store. It's a USB mouse from Streamline, and it comes in blue, green, and white. When it's working, the eyes light up. I don't usually reorder this stuff unless it sells out very quickly...or it fits in with a blog post.

I'm kind of a big fan of this line, and I find myself buying for myself just about everything I bring in. I carry around my duck tape measurer and keep my ladybug calculator on my desk.

Now I've got my eye on the panda bear manual shredder.

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