Sunday, April 18, 2010

Elizabeth Berg Essay Contest Winner--Plus Inspiration from Jennifer Chiaverini'sThe Aloha Quilt

1. Congrats to Karen Middleton, whose lovely essay won first prize in our "The Last Time I Saw You" competition. Ms. Middleton Schleicher was awarded a signed copy of The Last Time I Saw You, a $25 gift card, and a bottle of sparkling Brut. Note: Casey of Sendiks and Downer Avenue Wine and Spirits steered me to the winning bottle. Thanks, Casey!

2. If you haven't seen the lovely Hawaiian quilts that Jennifer Chiaverini is taking with her on tour, I think they are worth showing. I've got a photo posted of the one with a bird-of-paradise motif. The Book The Aloha Quilt is #11 on the new New York Times bestseller list. Is it possible this is her first showing on the printed list? I'm confirming from Wendy at S&S, only her second hardcover book to appear there.

First Lisa Lutz reads at Boswell and hits for the first time (at 16, in a tie situation, no less). Now Chiaverini. If I were a publisher, I'd pay attention!

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