Saturday, April 24, 2010

Was it the Mennonite or the Student Ghost Wearing the Little Black Dress?

We had a great read in hardcover for Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. And admittedly, we had a not-so-great one. It's the story of an urban gal who returns home to her colorful family after her life goes off kilter. Holt is riding the wave of books coming out quickly in paperback with a six month cloth-to-paper transition.

I didn't even know this Laurie Notaro was coming. It's tough not being the buyer and even tougher when you don't keep up with catalogs, virtual or hard copy. Here's the annotation on Spooky Little Girl:

"When Lucy Fisher returns home from vacation, she's shocked to see how much her life has changed: her fianc has left her, her boss has fired her, and she's dead. To make things worse, she's going back to school--ghost school."

These are not too books where I'd expect confusion. But these covers are so close, that I can imagine customers picking up the wrong one, particularly in stores like ours where they got (inadvertently or perhaps diabolically--doesn't Carl look like he would enjoy the confusion?) placed next to each other on our paperback table.

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