Sunday, April 25, 2010

Peter Pan Ballet, Peter Pan Book, Peter Pan Inspired Thumb Puppets

The Milwaukee Ballet is performing Peter Pan from May 13th through the 16th. Here's a link to their site for tickets. Having never read Barrie's original, I thought maybe that's the case for other folk. We brought in several copies of the Aladdin Classic edition, with a nice intro by Susan Cooper.

Because it's in public domain, there are a lot of reinterpretations of this book. I was just talking to an author (unnamed) who is hamstrung because he has a great idea for a reinterpretation of another classic (unnamed) but has trouble proceeding because that book was blocked from going into public domain by the change in copyright law. Oddly enough, he can probably publish it in most other countries.

Needless to say, I celebrate just about every event with the purchase of thumb puppets. I found a nice collection of pirate and alligator thumb puppets, just the thing with which to celebrate J. M. Barrie's classic.


Daniel Goldin said...

John, doesn't Yale have two great Peter Pan books?

john eklund said...

Funny you should ask! There's
My Heart in Company
The Work of J.M. Barrie and the Birth of Peter Pan, and, even better,
J.M. Barrie and the Lost Boys
The real story behind Peter Pan. Highly recommend both.