Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stacie Went on Vacation and All She Brought Back for Me was this Lousy Suggestion to Carry Bald Guy Greeting Cards

The headline is true, more or less. Stacie had seen them on a trip and did suggest that we carry them. We printed out some pages, and Stacie took a poll of the ones that booksellers thought were the funniest.

Now we've got them in and it's time to tell the world, blog style, particularly because they don't always display well on the rack. Many of the designs don't have much going on at the top, so you can't exactly discern their charms without removing the card.

Bald Guy is a San Francisco company run by two guys who may or may not be bald. I'd sort of feel bad if at least one of them wasn't at least receding. Deceptive advertising and all that. Ian Kalman writes the cards and Sean Farrell illustrates them.

The writing is snarky, walking a tightrope between sentiment and obnoxiousness. It's all very old-school Mad Magazine, and I mean that as a compliment. Ian and I emailed back and forth a bit, and he told me which cards were selling well. We bought a little extra of their #1 card.

I was going to do a Bald Guy Greetings match game, where I'd mix up five cards and five greetings, and have a contest. But the whole things was very confusing, and I couldn't read the insides that well.

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