Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Maryland Avenue Montessori Spring Art Show Going on Now

The Maryland Avenue Montessori's spring art show is now open. Thank you to MAM's art teacher Laura, and volunteer Julie, who did a great job putting it all together.

Folks are particularly entranced by the masking tape horses that have filled the space. Rats, one of our customers told me about an artist that the students evoked, but I forgot to write it down. You really must come in to get the full effect!

More and more artists are asking if we can show their work. (Things stepped up a bit during our wonderful exhibition of Gloria MaCoy's paintings). What I'm asking folks to do is send me a link to a web page with some work on it.

I expect to keep each artist (or school) up for two months or so; it's just too much work to change it more often. That means we can only have three or four artists per year exhibit, since we mix things up with student work. Oh, and I do show some favoritism to our regular customers.

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