Friday, April 9, 2010

Trailer Mania! Pete Nelson and Adam Langer Share Book Trailers with me in the Same Week

A few days ago, I received a trailer from Pete Nelson for I Thought You Were Dead. No, not an Airstream, but a link to a Youtube video. As you should know, we're hosting an event with Nelson on April 20th. The trailer captures the mood of the book, in that it's a little quirky, a little sad, a little confessional.

At the same time, Adam Langer sent me the link to a trailer for his new novel, The Thieves of Manhattan. coming out in July. The jacket isn't finalized yet. Like most of what Langer writes, it made me laugh.

Jason bought it for the store as a hardcover, and it still claims that on Ipage, but I noticed on Edelweiss it's now a paperback original. Our rep John is so good about sending us change memos, but there are so many adjustments in the fast moving world of modern publishing, that it's hard for a small store to keep up. Apparently, it's hard for Ingram to keep up too, though I've been told whenver I send in corrections that they expect publishers to make the changes via feed.

Right now, my link to our website says hardcover, but if this change is correct, it will suddenly change, as our website is also linked to Ingram.

Since there's no jacket for the new book, I give you one for Crossing California, mostly because I still love that book, even though it is now out of print! It makes me so sad that this book has never found its market. We sold three copies last year, two new and one second hand.

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