Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tonight's Double-Header--Pete Nelson and Joe Meno (4/20, 7 PM)

We've got a double-header tonight, with Joe Meno and Pete Nelson, two great novelists reading together. I meant to send each of them the other author's book, but...I forgot. Both are novels about family, cultural angst, and indecision. Both delve into our relationships with animals, albeit in very different ways, and both are funny/sad, though not necessarily weepy.

Meno was on Lake Effect for The Great Perhaps on Monday. You can listen to it here. Jim Higgins reviewed I Thought You Were Dead (in a good way) in the Journal Sentinel last Sunday. Both were highlighted in the Shepherd Express Book Preview.
I am into the double header concept. We've got another coming in May. Two young authors from Coffee House Press. Travis Nichols has a book called Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder, while Aaron Michael Morales has penned Drowning Tucson. The former is an editor for the Poetry Foundation in Chicago, while the latter teaches at Indiana State.

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