Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stuff is Pouring in--From Purses to Puppets

The fruits of my stuff-ordering labors are finally ripening. This week we've received:

1. A restock of our literary action figures, plus Robot Monkey tissues and Fairy mints.

2. A new Moleskine order that beefs up our pastels for spring. A nice non-bunny gift for Easter too.

3. Folkmanis finger puppets are once-again fully stocked. After a slow first couple of months, we had a strong fall with these, continuing into January. We also got a selection of their handpuppets; check out the wolf in sheep's clothing. Alas, the fluffy lamb puppet went "out of print", even though we sold through our last one in little more than a week.

4. The correct frames arrived from one of our free-trade vendor. My only problem is that the bellyband that tells the story blocks the frame from opening, making it either difficult to a) display or b) sell.

From last week's arrivals, the boiled wool coin purse has been doing pretty well. We're contemplating a restock.


Jason just gave me great news for us, but not so great in general. We had the sixth best sale in the country on Strangers, the last Anita Brookner hardcover. I don't know what to do with that information, but I feel like it's worth noting.

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