Friday, February 5, 2010

How Many Miles Should You Drive to See Chris Cleave in Paperback?

I think a two-hour drive each way is definitely worth it to see Chris Cleave. Why? Two reasons.

1. Little Bee is that good.
2. Chris Cleave is that charming.

Someone asked me why we weren't hosting Chris for the paperback. It makes sense to me--I'm already on board for the book. I want the book to break out everywhere.

I am so, so, so, so glad that Simon and Schuster went with the hardcover jacket for the paperback. It it so beautful, so different from anything out there, and the orange so pops against everything else. And orange is very hot. I'm sure there was temptation to have a boy with his arms spread out at the edge of the beach, or a woman with her hard cut off the page, but don't forget, folks like to trade up. And just in case you forgot the the book can be very sweet too, there's the picture of Charlie dressed like Batman inside.

Little Bee was selected as a Indie Bound selection for February by the booksellers in the American Booksellers Association. Very few paperback reprints that were also Indie Next in hardcover repeat in paperback. Alas, it looks like it might have a 2/16 laydown. If that's the case, it should have been featured in March.

And yes, we passed the 100 book mark in sales.

Here's the tour cities. I'm glad to say the links held as I copied the schedule from Cleave's site.

Tuesday Feb 16BERKELEY, CA...Catherine, I really think you'd enjoy this.
Wednesday Feb 17SAN FRANCISCO, CA...Todd, don't miss out on Cleave.
Thursday Feb 18SAN DIEGO, CA
Friday Feb 19LOS ANGELES, CA
Saturday Feb 20SANTA MONICA, CA
Sunday Feb 21PHOENIX, AZ...Merrill, you must go. Bring your friends!
Tuesday Feb 23DENVER, CO...Jocelyn, I insist you attend.
Wednesday Feb 24CHICAGO, IL...I have an event at night, but could I visit during the day?
Friday Feb 26PRINCETON, NJ...Nina, this one's for you.
Saturday Feb 27GREENWICH, CT...I'm in Boston visiting my Mom and I considered driving.
Sunday Feb 28DARIEN, CT
Monday March 1NEW YORK, NY...Rachel, this is like 5 blocks from your house.
Tuesday March 2ATLANTA, GA...Brian, how could you pass this up?
Wednesday March 3LOUISVILLE, KY...You're going, Johanna, right?
Thursday March 4 ST LOUIS, MO
Friday March 5WASHINGTON, DC...Eric, you are missing something if you do not attend.
Friday March 20WESTBURY, NY
Saturday March 21CINCINNATI, OH...Bob, this should be great.
Monday March 22MIAMI, FL
Tuesday March 23HOUSTON, TX
Wednesday March 24AUSTIN, TX
Thursday March 25 - Friday March 26DALLAS, TX
Saturday March 27DALLAS, TX
That's a lot of Dallas!
Nicole Kidman has the film rights. And that's pretty much all I have to say.

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Rebecca said...

I concur on both reasons! I love hearing an author talk about his craft, and when he was in MKE for the hardcover, Chris Cleave gave a very humble, interesting, and encouraging talk on the work of creating a novel.