Monday, February 8, 2010

School Me Up!--Great Talks This Week from Daniel Maguire and Martin Jack Rosenblum/Dave Luhrssen

This week we're hosting folks who've written books that are mostly used in the classroom, but that doesn't mean they don't have interesting things to say. In fact, aren't they really packaged as the perfect lecture?

On Wednesday, February 10th, Marquette Professor of Christian ethics Daniel Maguire is giving a talk inspired by the new edition of his book Ethics: A Complete Method for Moral Choice.

And on Friday, February 12th, esteemed lecturers Martin Jack Rosenblum and Dave Luhrssen are appearing with guitarist Brian Thomas Carlson for an event celebrating their new edition of Searching for Rock and Roll.
Both books are available at our store for sale. I'm not sure if Searching for Rock and Roll is in our database, but you can always email us to order a copy.

Here's a link to the event page on our web site, which, oddly enough, sort of indicates that these are our events from last November. But don't believe us. We're still getting the hang of this stuff, and programming our web site seems to be one of our most challenging tasks. Sadly, we've all graduated from high school, which makes it harder.

And here's the archive to our most recent email newsletter, which includes a little more about both events, and some interesting links.

Just for comparison, this is a link to UWM's rate sheet for courses. Look, I also found information about Marquette's tuition. It's almost like a have a teenage child. As you can see, these talks are a much better deal. With those savings, you should buy the books from us too and take notes.

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