Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Date for Dan Maguire's Ethics Event

Breaking news! Due to the residue of snowfall last night, we're moving Daniel Maguire's event for his well-received book on ethics (it's called Ethics: A Complete Method for Moral Choice, by the way) to next Wednesday, February 17th, at 7 PM.

It's not that it's still storming here. It's that with the weather emergency not lifted, and some areas not fully plowed, you can't find a place to park!

If this were a traveling author and they made it to town, we'd keep the event in place. But we really want to give Professor Maguire (Christian ethics, Marquette University) the best event we can, and since he's local, we can juggle a bit. And that involves letting people park their cars.

So to repeat, the new event date and time for Daniel Maguire
Wednesday, February 17th, 7 PM
at Boswell Book Company.

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