Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow in the Airport Inspires Fabulous New Game--Spot the E Reader

I'm back from my travels to California, just in time for a foot of snow. Hey, it could have been worse and today could have been my travel day.

As it was, I travelled through MSP airport and it was a snow day there. The airport was closed in the morning and that delayed our flight an hour or so. Since we had arrived at the airport about two hours before takeoff, I settled in to read what seemed to be the book of the show, The Lonely Polygamist. (Actually I first finished off I Thought You Were Dead, which I hope to have a whole post on soon. I couldn't find the cover on ipage, so it seemed easier to take a photo).

In the terminal with some other booksellers, I played my favorite new game, somewhat akin to "the bogeyman is hiding under the bed and see if you can spot him," a hit from my childhood. What we do is count ebook readers and then match that with an accompanying level of panic.

Actually, there were very few readers out and about in my unscientific survey of four flights and three airports, and my friends concurred. This acute panic and subsequent relief was similar to the mood at this Winter Instititute that I just attended--bogeymen everywhere the first day that focused on digital advances, which in the daylight, turned out to be dust bunnies.

Dust bunnies that might turn into bogeymen, but dustbunnies nonetheless. Buying conventional books online is still far more of a threat.


Today's snow might lead to an early closing. If so, I'll post it here.

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