Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Addendum--What's Going on in San Jose

On our flight flying out to San Jose (to Winter Institute, a bookseller gathering) from Minneapolis, we were surrounded by booksellers. Katie, from Redbery Books in Cable, Wisconsin and Chris from the Book Shelf in Winona, Minnesota. My concern about Frederick Reiken's book's title came to fruition very quickly. I mentioned that I read Day to Night and mentioned the author and Katie told me she had also read the book and really liked it. Alas, on further discussion, it turned out to be Anita Diamant's Day into Night. Pitty the poor bookseller who has to distinguish them.

At least two booksellers have encouraged me to read Brady Udall's The Lonely Polygamist. Oh, and our Norton rep of course. It's fat. I'm scared. I just finished Elmer Gantry. (I finished reading Daniel Pink's Drive on the flight over, but that's no excuse, as it's not a hefty tome.)

We arrived in San Jose to find much construction going on in the airport. There were several stations where you can get ear plugs. Our luggage was lost. We really, really, really were on our best behavior, but boy, the clerk was not the right personality to handle this--or maybe she was, completely oblivious. The two folks before us were also from Milwaukee (actually, from Sargento), so it was obvious that all our baggage had not made the connection. But she did insist in checking the five bags on the carousel to make sure they were not ours.

Fortunately another plane came in at 7:30. Our luggage arrived at midnight. We were happy.

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