Monday, February 22, 2010

New Cards and Journals from Sustainable Threads

I guess it's not a surprise that a number of booths at the Chicago gift show have sprung up selling recycled and fair trade goods. Don't go may wrong, there are still a great deal of snowmen-playing-the-piano statues that are made who knows where*

One booth that caught my eye was Sustainable Threads, a company that partners with low-income artisan communities in India, aspiring to provide access to fair wages, larger markets, and secure livelihoods.

For our first order, I brought in a collection of journals, boxed notecards, bookmarks and frames. Alas, I ordered the printed recycled frames, but instead got the organic tree-free paper frames. Harish very quickly made things right, but they don't show in the photo.

The journals start at $10.95. A pack of notecards are $13.95. The double pack is $24.95--that's a lotta notecards. We also have double-packs of bookmarks at the front counter, two for 2.95.


Boxed card advice of the day

Don't look at the price, look at the price per card. We just got in lovely packs of cards from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (art nouveau collections cats, dragonflies, butterflies, plus paintings of Venice) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Tiffany Windows, Van Gogh flowers). Though the prices are higher ($16.95-$18.95), the cost per card is actually lower than some of our packs that are $10.95.

*Actually, that's the only snowman I didn't see, which makes me a bit sad.

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