Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snickeyfritz author Andrea Skyberg's Book Donation Program Went Really Well, Except for One Donor...Me

Last spring we hosted a very nice event with Andrea Skyberg, whose picture book Snickeyfritz (no link because it's not in the Ingram database, but we do carry it), is about a family treasure hunt that demands an extra dose of creativity. Her illustrations are actually life-size papier mache dolls, and she brought some to her reading.

Skyberg's sculptures are mesmerizing, and no wonder she is so popular at her school visits. But she's also a good marketer. And last fall she came up with The Incredible Book Giveaway, in which a copy of Snickeyfritz was donated to a school, literacy organization, children's services group for every copy ordered.

To start it off, Skyberg went to 100 influential folks in the world of books and one of them was me. But life got away from me and I didn't send it in a timely manner. I've been thinking about it a lot, but missed the deadline. My apologies to the Skybergs!

I wound up sending my book to the Maryland Avenue Montessori School. We have a lot of kids from there shopping at the store, I really enjoyed their pajama party library fundraiser, their artwork in the bookstore program is really fun, and their helping host our kids' event Freefall in two weeks. So it's sort of a can-always-use-a-book-and-also-thank-you kind of a donation.

The authors of Freefall, Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, are doing two school appearances, and then are appearing at Boswell on Friday, February 26th, at 7 PM. This is the sequel to Tunnels and Deeeper.

We'll have more art from Maryland Avenue Montessori School at the end of their year. Meanwhile, I should have a post up soon about Gloria Macoy's paintings soon. Really soon. Like I'm late soon.

More on the Snickeyfritz website.

Skyberg also was awarded a Mom's Choice Award. For more info you can visit their website.

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