Monday, January 30, 2012

Tonight is Steve Boman, Author of Film School--Funny Story About Your Misplaced Kidneys, and That's Episode Five.

Tonight (January 30, 7 pm) we're hosting Steve Boman, author of Film School: The True Story of a Midwestern Family Man Who Went to the World’s Most Famous Film School, Fell Flat on His Face, Had a Stroke, and Sold a Television Series to CBS.

Boman chronicles the ups and downs of his life in this amusing memoir, a primer on what to do (and what not to do) for would-be cineastes. That category includes television, right? Because what he want up getting into pilot was a series for CBS called :Three Rivers."

At least one attendee at the St. Robert School book fair told me she was looking forward to the event. See you there!
Read more in this interview from the School of Cinematic Arts.

Read a bit more about the series.

And why does he know so much about organ transplants? Well, it might have to do with having a gig as an organ transplant courier. More in the Minnesota Public Radio interview.

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