Monday, January 2, 2012

No Events This Week, but Plenty to Do!

1. We took a short event break that wasn't necessarily planned. We had two small press events tentatively booked, but I just couldn't get everything together to confirm them. In both cases, they were one of two events for the area; I'm hoping folks will go to see James Fleming, author of Tengo Sed, at the Medical College (8701 Watertown Plank Road, Room H3120) on Thursday, January 5, 12 Noon, as promoted in our email newsletter. Tengo Sed was awarded the PEN Center literary award and tells of the day in the life of an emergency doctor. You can bring your lunch! Alas, the other author sort of disappeared.

2. Tonight we are doing a manual inventory. Are we ready? No. Were there problems with the yearly update to our inventory system that might cause problems? Sure. But will that stop us? No.

3. Another issue with getting a full post out today is that I decided to write a post about a novel I just read that isn't coming out until mid December. Now what's the point of writing something so far in advance? Will you put a hold on it with us? No, you'll probably pre-order from our competitor. You could pre-order it from us, right? OK, I dare you. It's for Friends Like Us, by Lauren Fox. It comes out on February 14 and we're hosting a talk/reading/signing on February 16.

And after writing that piece, I'm all posted out.

4. Don't forget, due to inventory, we're open 10 to 6 tonight. Regular hours resume tomorrow and there shouldn't be a hitch until Easter.

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