Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our St. Robert School Book Fair Page is Up.

We've had all sort of fun getting our web pages together for the St. Robert School book fair. We discussed doing this back in November, just before Carl, who was doing our website programming, left for his new job in the healthcare field.

I'm very impressed that St. Robert put their trust in us. We warned them this was our first book fair ever. But we also promised them that we would avoid including merchy stuff, such as licensed character early readers.

Amie watched me putzing around and seemingly doing all sorts of things I'd been putting off for months; she was pretty sure we weren't going to have everything ready, and secretly, I was not disagreeing.

With Stacie's help, I learned to make web pages, and we came up with a selection of titles for the school. We're offering three ways to purchase titles. You can either visit the website and place an order ahead of time. Or you can buy books at the open house this Sunday, using one of the school laptops. Or you can buy books in the store, where we will have most of the recommended books on display.. All count towards the book fair totals.

I still need to make some updates. Today it was decided that all books will be picked up at Boswell instead of being delivered to the school. And there are still some lists of teacher picks to be added.

I know this is a little different from typical book fairs, where the books are there to be purchased. I am calling this method "girl scout cookie" style. Buy now, deliver later. And coincidentally, we just agreed to allow the girl scout troop from Maryland Avenue Montessori School sell cookies at the store on a Saturday in March.

Visit the St. Robert book fair page. You don't to be a St. Robert family for your purchases to qualify. It's still a work in progress. My photo of the Boswell kids' book area is still not showing up on the published page. I guess a second career for me in drupal programming is apparently not imminent.

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