Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Haven't Done an All-Nighter in Many, Many, Many, Many Years--Taking Inventory.

Well, everyone is back to work today and I left for home at around 11 this morning.And what caused my crazed schedule? Last night Jason, Amie, and I went on a moonlight bender doing a physical inventory. This is myfirst time using anything but a service. Not only would we save a lot of money, but we also expected to be able to do section checks at the same time.

Alas, it turned to have several drawbacks. It took way longer than we expected, about half an hour per case per person.We worked from late afternoon on, and barely had the store customer-ready by our 10 am opening time. My joints something awful, and I even bruised the tips of my fingers by  continually scraping them against the carpet.

Someday I might try this again, with more folks working on shifts, and at least one more scanner.  We stll don't haven't seen the advantages of downloading an inventory comparison, something we aren't able to get when a company just tracks price points. But at least for 2013, I am finding a professional inventory service pretty alluring.

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