Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Expansion of a What Was One Point in a Multi-Pronged Blog Post--How to Enter Our Iron Cupcake Ticket Giveaway to Promote Karen Tack and Alan Richardson's New Book, Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pie, Oh My!

So I'm looking at Christina's confirmation from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, regarding Karen Tack and Alan Richardson's visit to Milwaukee on Sunday, February 12, for the last Iron Cupcake at Discovery World. She notes that we will do marketing and in-store display for the book. Well we did, but once the event sold out, we felt uncomfortable promoting it. So we took the signs away. And folks had a little trouble understanding exactly what we were marketing.

The event is sold out.
There are no tickets at the door.
Yes, folks are trying to hunt down tickets on Craig's List.

What to do? Now a smart marketer would have set aside some tickets for a giveaway, but I haven't had an event sell out so early--that's Sandy's doing, not mine. So I went to Sandy and told her my dilemma, and because she is the smart marketer I long to be when I grow up, she had put aside some tix for this very thing.

We're giving away ten pairs of tickets and you can enter in one of two ways.
1) Through old-fashioned entry forms at Boswell
2) Via our Facebook contest page, where you enter with your favorite out-of-the-box cupcake flavor.

There are five winners from in-store entries and five from Facebook. And yes, we are weeding out duplicates.

Voila, a window promoting the contest is born. I'm so happy that I could cut off the snowflakes and replace them with dangling cupcake air fresheners. It saved me a lot of time, and it looks pretty silly.

Today I went to Milwaukee Cupcake Company again. I had another blood orange and a green tea. And then a chocolate peanut butter. All minis.

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