Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Percent Update--Tales from the Catalan

We've gotten a lot of attention on our translation table, which has we periodically update as new books arrive, or when they win new awards, or well, when one catches Stacie's eye. Read the original post in the Boswellians here.

Several weeks again, one of our customers came in to tell us about a book she had translated, from Catalan, no less. It's Jaume Cabré's book of connected stories, Winter Journey, and it came out earlier this year from Swan Island Press in Chicago.

The story connects a number of characters, a pianist, rabbi, and thief among them, and plays out in a structure akin to a work of Schubert. He's the Catalan Joan Silber/Alice Mattison!

It makes me think we have enough translators in town to do a panel. If I put something together, you'll be the first to know.

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StacieMichelle said...

If the story on pg 112, "Ballad", is representative of the rest of the stories in this collection, then I'm in for the haul. It packed quite an emotional wallop in only three pages, without sacrificing a single literary detail necessary for a good story.