Saturday, July 3, 2010

More Room for Birthday Cards--the Fomato Spinner Project

I have no idea what's happening to the card business. My assumption has been, based on the free websites, email, and so forth, that card sales were in the pits. So we've been pleasantly surprised that our sales have been generally up over what this store did over the last two years.

Our turn on birthday cards is particularly good, but it's hard to figure out how to expand them more without cutting the space for other occasions (which in this case, could mean no occasion). We've pulled out our holiday spinner (you've also seen markdown cards on it) to expand our birthday selection.

I figure we'll feature one line, which we'll periodically rotate. I'm sure you're shocked that we're starting with Fomato. Emmie sent us some high-res images so we could make our own header. I particularly love the employee list, that mimic the customer service shots at large companies. Sales are deftly handled by boiled potato, while depressed octopus is in charge of legal counsel.

Next up? Most likely Bald Guy Greetings, mostly because I don't want Ian to be mad at me.

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