Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boswell Bags and Tees--A Prelude to Our New Limited-Edition Fish Tee

"It's coming! It's Coming!"

Or so I say to the friends of artist Aaron Boyd, who designed a new special-edition Boswell tee shirt.

Folks don't understand how complicated this can be. We didn't want turquoise; we wanted royal blue. There were disagreements about which shade of orange the fish should be. And we both agreed that the fishing line and the Boswell logo needed to be white.
The only thing not in question--it's a really cool shirt! I'll do a post on it when it arrives.

As a prelude to the fish, we've made a display of our Boswell bags and classic tees, which are still available in turquoise, green, brown, and black, though not every color is in every size. The bags, surprisingly enough, are made in the USA.

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