Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shooting for "Waterwalk" at Boswell. And You are Next--More Scenes at Marquette This Afternoon

Apparently we really are up for anything.  Last week we got a call from James, who was shooting a film called Waterwalk.  The movie is based on a 2007 novel from Steven Faulkner.  You may remember that Schwartz hosted an event with the author when the book first came out. The book is set in Michigan and Wisconsin, though not necessarily in Milwaukee.  I haven't read the book, but here's a desciption that I came across:

"Tired, hungry, lost, lonely, fogbound, shipwrecked, unable to make their way in the darkness, Steven Faulkner and his teenage son Justin are having a great time. They are on an epic journey, retracing the historic 1673 route of French explorers Marquette and Joliet along the Lake Michigan shore to Green Bay, up the Fox River, then down the Wisconsin River to the mighty Mississippi. A poet with a sense of humor, Faulkner brings the majestic American heartland to life in one of the finest books ever written about a river journey. A modern travel classic in the tradition of Blue Highways, this book will appeal to anyone who has a sense of adventure."

As several of the cast members live in Milwaukee, it made sense to shoot some of the scenes here.  And since there is one scene in a bookstore, the math turned out to be 2 + 2 = Boswell.  Things seemed to go pretty well.

Now off to the next scene.  James is looking for extras to shoot today (Wednesday, June 1) at the Raynor Library at 14th and Wisconsin today at 3 pm.  They are looking for folk 25+ wearing banquet/cocktail attire, dressed for late autumn, not summer.  If you're interested, just show up in front of the library.  This is how things go when you're making an indie film, right?

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Roger Rapoport said...

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to shoot at Boswell and Books. The scene, one of the highlights of the film, worked beautifully. Well known Milwaukee actors in the bookstore shoot included Mary MacDonald Kerr, Deborah Staples and Laura Gray along with a promising newcomer, April Paul. Other locally known actors of interest featured in Waterwalk include John McGivern, Lee Ernst, Angela Ianonne, Doug Mancheski, Jacque Troy, Richard Riehle. Torrey Hanson, Shayne Steliga, Marvette Knight, Eva Balistreri, and Sidd Valicharla, Among the extras was Marquette University archivist, Matt Blessing.

Roger Rapoport
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