Monday, June 13, 2011

The Guys with Middle Initials are at Boswell This Week! Douglas W. Jacboson, Dan P. McAdams, Robert K. Elder Among This Week's Speakers.

I was at R.'s open house last weekend--lots of space for an older home, with modern amentities like a walk-in closet.  I wanted to play that game on House Hunters, where the contestants announce as many cliches as possible as they walk through a home. I think if they say enough of them, they get their appearance fee.

a. I've got to have stainless steel appliances and granite counters!
b. This house has a nice flow to it (when the kitchen, dining room, and living room are attached). Bad flow is when there is a bedroom off the kitchen.
c. A walk in closet? But hubby, where will we put your clothes?
d. This will be great for a/an 1) office 2) craft room 3) workout area
e. These bedrooms are small (but you must never actually ask the size of them).
f. Our dog (name included) will love this yard. Any other anthropomorphising comments also receive partial credit).
g. Where's my man cave? (Answer: look in the garage or unfinished basement)

I'm fascinated by what's still uppermost in folks' minds on the show (even though it is fairly scripted) like the granite and stainless steel, and what demands have fallen to the wayside since the show's early years.  Hardly anyone makes a big deal about cul de sacs anymore, and the request for fireplaces has definitely diminished.  Here's more about a recent episode that aired in suburban Milwaukee.

So R. and I were talking, and she mentioned how it's interesting that the store has become so event driven.  Yes, interesting and exhausting!  It was my original vision for the store, and still does the job.  Last Friday's event with Matthew Logelin had about 40 folks attending, and I would guess that 35 of them had not set foot in the space ever, even as Schwartz.

Here are this week's attempts to offer creative programming that will appeal to many folks who will then discover Boswell and come back again.  Oh, and we did do a Journal Sentinel ad on Sunday.  It's our attempt to hit that audience and remind them that we have a lot of things to do--but my budget really only allows for a smaller ad, so there's nothing like repurposing it here.

There's some paraphrasing going on here.  I'm going to use the press release that Stacie put together and save my original  quips for our email newsletter. My apologies in advance!

Monday, June 13, 7 pm
Douglas W. Jacobson, author of The Katyn Order.

Katyn's second espionage novel, set during the Resistance Movement in Poland, has won raves from the advance reviewers. From Booklist: "Jacobson tells a riveting tale, drawing the drama out of the shocking historical backstory and effectively combining it with a moving love story and a detail-rich re-creation of the Resistance fighters world. Dont miss this one." A great Father's Day pick.

Douglas W. Jacobson is an engineer and business owner. His debut novel, Night of Flames, won the 2007 Outstanding Achievement Award from the Wisconsin Library Association. Jacobson has also published numerous articles on World War Two resistance movements. He lives in Elm Grove, Wisconsin.

Tuesday, June 14, 7 pm

Dan McAdams' book offers an astute psychological portrait of George W. Bush, one of the first biographies to appear since he left office as well as the first to draw systematically from personality science to analyze his life. McAdams, an international leader in personality psychology and the narrative study of lives, focuses on several key events in Bush's life, such as the death of his sister at age 7, his commitment to sobriety on his 40th birthday, and his reaction to the terrorist attacks of September 11, and his decision to invade Iraq.  Perfect for the politico dad, the pop who prefers history, or the perhaps the father that made you submit to a bunch of psychological testing.

Dan P. McAdams is professor of psychology and professor of human development and social policy at Northwestern University. McAdams is the author of over 150 scientific articles and chapters, is editor of 9 books and has written five, including The Redemptive Self which won the American Psychological Association's 2006 William James Award for best-general interest book in psychology, and the 2007 Association of American Publishers Award for Excellence in Professional and Scholarly Publishing Professor McAdams is also the winner of the 1989 Henry A. Murray Award from the Society of Personality and Social Psychology for excellence in personality research and the study of lives.

Note: our price is the same as the A word on this title.

Wednesday, June 15, 7 pm
Robert K. Elder, author of The Film that Changed my Life: Thirty Directors on Their Epiphanies in the Dark.

John Woo, Neil LaBute, Danny Boyle, and John Waters, The Film That Changed My Life  all weigh in on their own inspirations.  The Film that Changed my Life is a great collection of interviews, perfect for amateur enthusiasts and aspiring professionals alike.

Robert K. Elder is an author and regional editor for in Chicago. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and He has taught courses in journalism and film at Northwestern University, Columbia College Chicago and Facets Film School, and has published several books including John Woo: Interviews and Last Words of the Executed. He lives in Chicago.

My apologies to Mr. Elder, as every so often, I write The Movie that Changed my Life in error.  I wish I could tell you I caught the error every time, but I haven't.  In any case, if you spend your free time going to a lot of cinema with Dad, this gift should be on your list.

Thursday, Jun 16, 7 pm

Tuohy looks at the sometimes uncomfortable releationship between owners, refs, players, leagues, and sports media, particularly television networks.

And of course I would like to add that of course we're not talking about Milwaukee here!  But if you're dad is always coming up with good conspiracy theories, and some of them have turned out to be true, this is for you.

Brian Tuohy maintains the website and is a frequent contributor to the CBS Sports website, where he chronicles sports scandals and conspiracies as the stories break. Brian has been interviewed by The New York Times, ESPN, Fox Sports, and The Power Hour radio program.

Sunday, June 19, 10 am opening until before you go to lunch with Dad
Julia Pandl, author of Memoir of the Sunday Brunch.

Note that this is a signing, tieing into a feature on Pandl that will be released that day. I can certainly recommend Memoir of a Sunday Brunch as a great Father's Day gift.

 Pandl's memoir about growing up in the kitchen of the famed Pandl's operations. I love this line: "Life's lessons are found in the most unlikely places, among shrimp and potato peels, and in a parking lot littered with yesterday’s cigarette butts."  Foodie Dad, Nostolgia Dad, and "Was I really liked that when I owned the business?" Dad might find this in their Father's Day stocking.

Julia Pandl was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At age twelve, she began working for her father at the family restaurant, Jack Pandl’s Whitefish Bay Inn. After fifteen years working in the family restaurant, Julie Pandl began work in sales and began to write. She still lives in Milwaukee where she is working on a second book.

Also, don't forget to stop by and say hi at Demetri Martin's appearance at the Pabst Theater on Saturday, June 18.  Doors open at 7 pm.  Tickets still available.

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