Friday, June 10, 2011

How are Our Ebook Sales Going with This Promotion? Two Events Tonight, Plus Working on Many, Many More...

1. It looks like we were pretty par for the course on our ebook sales, at least on our first day.  We sold about 200 books, which matches what we heard from the American Booksellers Association.  Much thanks to Jim Higgins, who wrote about the program in the Tap blog.  We also heard from Steve at Ubridled Books that our blog piece came up pretty high in search engine results.  Don't forget, you can still buy 25 cent ebooks through Saturday on our website. Tax is determined by the state of the purchaser.  We still have to find out from the ABA whether we have to fill out tax forms for New York, Minnesota, and the other states where we had sales!

2. Jason has a great blog post up for Philip K. Dick on The Boswellians called "Ubik; or Is This Real Life." The piece is inspired by the science fiction book club's recent Dick-scussion.  And we are so excited about The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick, which is coming this fall.

"I was thrilled that the first section in the forthcoming book, The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick begins with his musings on Ubik.  For all of those rabid fans out there, this is the holy grail for Philip K. Dick followers."
Read more here.

3. What's going on?  After a few days with my sister Merrill and my brother-in-law Gus, I am trying to get back in the swing of things. I've been catching up on card and journal buying, and brought in a wonderful line of toys, which I'll share more about when they arrive.  Now I'm working on confirming events for the next few months.  We've got some great things booked, including our first fall event with Bartolotta (it's at Lake Park Bistro) and our first collaboration with Discovery World.  Details to come!

4. We've got dual events coming up tonight, so don't get them confused.  Kate Levinson is talking about Emotional Currency at the Public Market at 6 pm.  Matthew Logelin is talking about Two Kisses for Maddy at Boswell at 7 pm. 

And now I've got to go, as I'm picking up Levinson at the Milwaukee Art Museum. I'm assuming she's just come from their Summer of China exhibit.

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Melissa said...

Daniel - you seem to carry such terrific sidelines and card lines. Sometime I would love it if you did a post about specific companies that you love. It is so hard to know what to order - and in fact to know what's out there if you haven't been contacted by particular sales reps!