Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Gift Post--New Cards, New Knit Animals, a Lois Ehlert Recap Photo

I'm late!  Here are some updates on what's going on in the shop.

1. Our cards from The Found came in.  The effect is supposed to be old matchbook art. Also got a second Pinkerton order.  Next up, we've placed a reorder from Night Owl.  And just to round things out, an order from Design Design, as among other things, there are not many places to get a bat mitzvah card--we carry two designs each of bat and bar mitzvah, and communion. That said, we were carrying a couple of retirement cards, and the sell through on both was too slow to reorder.

2. A few weeks ago we placed our first order with Rich Frog.  We picked up a few different things, but definitely my favorite are these knit animals.  Is this or is this not plush?  I can't decide. I really, really think they are very cute. I think the company is owned by a person named Richard Frog.  Well, maybe..

Aside from that, most of the gift work was restocking from our back room.  We found another box of ceramic birds (I was sure there were two) and so we now have the more popular red and yellow species.  We did get another shipment of Galison in, being that our new Paris items had sold through so well, and the Paris table was moved to the front of the bookstore. 

We had two customers this morning that each bought a chunk of gift items. My problem is that I need a new vendor for cute file folders. One vendor stopped making them, while the other has no new styles, and the display is getting a little stale (but not quite stale enough that we aren't selling them). 

3. Speaking of Dicks, Lois Ehlert's brother Dick joined in our event with Rrralph today, being that it was his joke that inspired the new book.  We had a nice crowd of families, who contributed the dog noises. 

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