Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Email Newsletter Goes Out--Downer Bike Days News, Special All-Patchett Email Link, See Strauss at Next Chapter, Plus Info on Great New Boswell's Best

Today was newsletter day.  That means 24 hours of squeezing my brain to write, write, write, and then several more hours of uploading photos and proofreading.  Our ex-Boswellian Jocelyn helped us by proofing from her new Philly digs.  She is also continuing to participate in the science fiction book club by phone, using a video app.

We've got several important annoucements to share, if you don't read the newsletter:

1. We are now throwing our literary weight behind Darin Strauss's talk at Next Chapter for his award-winning memoir, Half a Life. He'll be speaking/reading in Mequon on Monday, June 20, at 7 pm. Logistics just didn't work for our June 21 lunch. One day we'll get these non-chef, non-library author lunches right. Hey, if you're a nonprofit that has a bookish slant, perhaps you'd want us to help you set up a literary lunch of your own?

2. Downer Avenue's summer bike races are Saturday, June 25 and July 16, with the former sponsored by the Downer Avenue Merchants.  If you like races, please come.  If you like bookstores, come also, but be prepared to walk a few extra blocks, as our neighborhood will be car free for most of both days. Don't forget to sign up for the kids' treasure hunt at Paperwork on June 25.  Did I mention our hottest thing about two wheels is It's All About the Bike?

3. Please help spread the word about our event with Ann Patchett for her new novel State of Wonder on June 22.  Ask us to send this email that you can forward on, or use this archived email that talks up Patchett's appearance.

All this plus Ten Thousand Saints, Stagestruck, and The Story of Charlotte's Web, and lots of info on upcoming events.  Read the complete newsletter here.

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