Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Gift Post--Winding Down Spring Displays. When is it Too Late to Reorder Summer Stuff? But One Always Has to Reorder Cards.

The spring holidays are over, and for now, we sort of coast until back to school, which sadly, is not a season we've ever been able to do much with.  And with sales of reference books having pretty much disintegrated, that's more true now than in the past.

It's late June and just about at my deadline for not restocking outdoors stuff.  That said, it's still offically June, so we decided to go back and get more kites and more rocket balloons. Some stuff worked well, and other things have been slow and steady.  And there are somet things that haven't really sold well at all.  I usually keep things on the display table for a 25% reduction, but move to the clearance area for 50%. 

I thought we were pretty much done with graduation cards, but I walked in today and there were three empty pockets.  We're sort of running low on all but birthday cards, with five outstanding orders in the pipeline.  Only one is old enough to follow up on--I'll be emailing them right after this post.

Several displays have to be consolidated, but at this point, I'm just waiting until the calendars pour in and I lose display space.  It should be any minute now.

Our Up with Paper order must have arrived sometime yesterday, as I found it in the receiving area this morning.  We seem to do well on cartoony birthday designs and adult-like bouquets.  While we haven't closed out the other designs, the get well stuff, the casinos, the fishing scenes will not be replenished.  We always sell out of every bouquet at Mother's Day.

I'm always on the fence with this line. Should I have really bought the cards that come in standard envelopes but cost $1 more or the cards that we have that are $1 less but need extra postage?  I wonder if they make a rack that takes both--then we could see which worked better.

Oy, it's time to order Christmas cards.  I actually should have had it done by the end of June and I haven't even started.  I did place one fall gift order that had some incentive attached (60 day dating instead of the usual 30). 

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