Monday, May 24, 2010

A Wee Bit of Book Talk at my Uncle's Party

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. With all our deadlines for websites, newsletters, gift cards, and conventions, I found myself without any backup posts. That isn't exactly true; sometimes I write something and it sits for a while in the queue, unscheduled until I realize that I can't actually publish it.

I am staying in a place with no Wifi and I really can't write a piece on my phone. So we'll see how much actually gets posted this week.

There was a little bit of book talk at my uncle's party. My nephew had just finished reading Barbarians at the Gate, and coincidentally I had just finished an advance copy of Felix Rohatyn's memoir, Dealings, which is coming out this fall (we can call or email you when it comes in). As I tell my fellow booksellers, there's nothing to be gained from talking about books at length in advance of publication (well, at least most of the time) so let me just say I will discuss it later. Let's just say I talked it up.

His mom just finished Let the Great World Spin, following his dad and his aunt (and me too). As he's living in New York, it seemed like a must-read for him too, particularly as there was a subplot that touched on his life. My nephew lives just a block or so from where the prostitute Tillie integrates the streetcorner where she offers her services. You say streetwalker; I say civil rights activist.

My cousin just finished reading David Liss's The Devil's Company, just out in paperback. He's a big fan of the Benjamin Weaver series, historic mystery/thrillers with a little financial history thrown in for good measure. Now that the books are fully tested by my cousin, I can recommend them for any smart investment banker.

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