Friday, May 14, 2010

It's All About the "Beverly"

I'm not much of a re-reader, but I've decided that I need to read Day for Night by Rick Reiken again. I don't have time for it (I just finished Lily King's Father of the Rain, a July event book--more on that later), but I'm having as much fun the second time as I did the first.

There are many fun passages that tie the book together, sprinkled into the narrative. Here's a passage in Kathleen Clay Goldman's FBI report:

"If you look hard enough into the history of anything, you will discover things that seem to be connected but are not. A case in point would be all the parallels that have been made between Lincoln and Kennedy. Eerie as these may seem at first, it is easy to find what seem like parallels or correlations between any marginally related sets of data, as debunkers as well as statisticians frequently note."

Contrast this with Timmy's view of the world, where he tries to explain a song that his band Dee Luxe sings:

"What it's about is the idea that we're much closer than we think to the random people we see on any given day, that everyone in this world carves out a little groove and that although you may think your world is large you rarely venture far outside this groove."

Needless to say, he has just had an encounter with someone to whom he has had a stray encounter, but it turns out his connection goes back at least a generation.

So here's the eerie thing for me--my two favorite novels of the moment have major characters named Beverly. That's the name of wife #1 in The Lonely Polygamist. Coincidence?

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Rebecca said...

I need to read it again, too! I feel like I can't even describe what it's about. Just that it's REALLY good.