Saturday, May 22, 2010

Idea of the Day--An Event Label for our Indie Next Brochures

We used our printer to make event labels promoting Dan Chaon and Justin Cronin's joint event on June 10th at the Sugar Maple for Await Your Reply and The Passage, respectively. Since the Passage is the #1 Indie Next pick for June and we give away about 100 brochures a month, it made perfect sense.

My only regrets:

1. We're also hosting an event with Glenn Taylor (formerly M. Glenn Taylor) for The Marrowbone Marble Company, in the store, on Tuesday, June 8th. But two stickers would have looked a little "crazy bookseller" to me. So we have to come up with another idea for Glenn.

2. Why didn't we think of it when Pete Nelson was on the cover of the April Indie Next brochure for I Thought You Were Dead?

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