Monday, May 17, 2010

We Commission a Poster for the Dan Chaon/Justin Cronin Event on June 10th

Our customers may not yet know this, but folks in publishing and bookselling do--Justin Cronin's big, fat vampire novel, The Passage, is the "it" book of summer. It's a book that seems to be hitting both literary and commercial readers (though the literary readers, as well as Cronin himself acknowledge the book is meant to be pure escapist fun), and #1 on the Indie Next list for June.

We backed into this event almost by accident. We got on the paperback tour for Dan Chaon's wonderful Await Your Reply (helped in part, by how much work we put into promoting the hardcover), and while we were juggling dates, the lightbulb went off over the head of Brian (the fellow I'm working with at Random House) and without too much extra work, we were suddenly hosting Cronin as well. (Note to Brian--thank you.)

I've always wanted to have an event at Sugar Maple (link is now corrected), and this is the one that worked out. Among my failed attempts, one of the authors I considered turned out to be a recovering alcoholic. Not my best move.

My other dream was to have a sign made by Stackmatic. I knew he did concert posters on occassion, and I was sort of treating this like a concert, only without the cover. Uh oh, am I making a mistake here? Well, we'll learn for next time.

Anyway, he came through for us. I'm thrilled with the results. Check out Stackmatic's amazing website and get on the waiting list to buy artwork. It's almost always sold before it's posted.

We have extra posters if your store, community area, or meeting space allows posters. We're a little curatorial about our own vestibule, so I'm not great about just plastering the town with these posters, even though they are so very cool. But I'm up for trading space. Email me.

We're also selling the poster for $5 at the event.
Addendum: the event is Thursday, June 10th, at 7 PM!

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David U said...

Book lovers you are in for a delight. Both of these books are excellent. You'll be very glad you met them and got their John Hancock's in the books.