Sunday, May 9, 2010

Every Good Fairy Deserves Favor--Daisy Meadows Inspires Gift Display

There was a lot of eye rolling in the store when I told everyone I wanted to do a fairy display. There's only so long that I can watch all these Daisy Meadows books come out before I, as the children's stuff buyer, must react.

At random, I just grabbed two titles from the seires. Here's Fiona the Flower Fairy. (editor's note--I mean "flute!") Hey, I was a flautist from sixth through eleventh grades. Oh, look, it's Zoe the Skating Fairy. And in fact, I grew up ice skating with my Dad at Flushing Meadow Park almost every Sunday. It's like the series was made for me.

Here are the top 10 fairy titles (over the last several months) from Daisy Meadows, according to Ingram's demand list:

So Manhattan Toy came out with these Beneath the Leaf dolls at the same time that Accoutrements was pushing fairy mints and finger puppets and another line had fairy magnets. I know that some of this stuff is serious while other items are tongue in cheek. No matter. It calls to me. Fiona, this one's for you.

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