Friday, August 14, 2009

When Your City has Irish Fest, You Get to Have Two Official Irish Displays per Year

I was chided by Sarah (before she left) for not having a table for each festival. Next year I promise. But we did wind up having an Irish Fest table because two of my booksellers are working it, making scheduling pretty tight.

Also, a customer sold us some very cool old Irish books this week, including some architecture, history, and even a language guide (Jason told me not to take the audio tapes, because they break so easily).

Carl's big pick for the weekend is the novel John the Revelator, which we recently featured in an email newsletter.

Other authors whose titles are popular include:

1) Tana French, because we like her and sell a lot. As did Schwartz. As does every other bookstore now.

3)Frank McCourt, whose books have received a sales pop since his passing.

4) Joseph Caldwell, (The Pig Did it) because he stopped by while visiting family. I've had two great reads on this.

5) Ken Bruen, another Carl favorite. One customer told me he judges stores on whether they carry Ken Bruen. Thank goodness we passed.

Oh yes, and the usual suspects, including Irish Milwaukee. Irish Fest runs through Sunday.

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