Thursday, August 13, 2009

Odd Things I Like in the Store--Robot Edition

If you get our email newsletter, you know that I ended my last email with a photo of my robot exercise class. These were so popular that we sold out our pack of 12 in a week.

We just got in 24 more, plus 4 giant robots. We sold our first giant (actually about twice as tall as the originals) in about 10 minutes.

Here's a shot of the giant robots having a little fun with a mini.

Since they were so popular, I also brought in "My Girls." They are basically the robots but with wigs. If you watched Ren and Stimpy, they are sort of to the robots as "Log" is to "Log for Girls."

The customer I was talking to this morning said she thought she had an old toy like this when she was a kid. We also have another toy using the same elastic cord called a "Wiggle", which is basically a series of wooden discs with a head (duck, cow, frog or clown) that smoosh around.

Everybody's happy about the new arrivals. There was some dancing.

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