Sunday, August 2, 2009

No, I Haven't Forgotten About Little Bee.

So I'm talking to my excoworker Nancy B., a Brookfield stalwart whose daughter now lives in our neighborhood and found us located close enough to Beans and Barley* to pay a joint visit.

We're talking about books I love, books I think Nancy would love, and we come across my ever-moving display of Little Bee. Hurray, a sale means I'm one step closer to my personal goal of 100 copies sold in hardcover (the store's at about 63.)

But today I'm tongue-tied? What do I do? I invite Nancy over to watch Green Apple Books promo video when it was their book of the month. She's convinced!

Now they are having a book vs. Kindle smackdown. So here's the link, if you haven't been following it.
Brian, one of the Simon and Schuster regional managers, visited the store this past week. You may know I have been panicking about the paperback cover. I'm positive I'm not going to like it because there's not way they'd keep this one, and what could live up to it? I was sure they'd go mass merch on it, but he says no. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but still suggesting folks go with the hardcover.

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Nicole Magistro said...

I also vote for the same cover in paperback. This is my favorite book of the year, and hand selling this book has been an absolute treat!