Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Pile of Books, Another Find from Sharon

Sharon was going through a pile of mass markets. Most of them had broken spines and were only suitable for our markdown cart. We inherited them from Schwartz (and negotiated a set cost per box), but here's something we were excited to see.

It's a rack-size Doubleday Anchor paperback of Leon Trotsky's The Russian Revolution: the Overthrow of Zionism and the Triumph of the Soviets, selected and edited by F. W. Dupress from The History of the Russian Revolution.

Really? Rack size? How things have changed.

So Sharon's pricing the book and the receipt fall out. It's from Cody's the venerable, recently-closed bookstore of Berkeley, California. Most folks think of it as a single store, but I think at one point they had two stores in Berkeley and one in San Francisco's Union Square. Sigh. You can read their story here.

The book cost $2.45 and was bought on April 27, 1970. The customer paid 13 cents sales tax.
Addendum. We sold the book on August 28th.

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